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Archive of Rich Best - Weekly Financial Tip

Archive of Rich Best - Weekly Financial Tip
How to Secure the Most Favorable Auto Financing
By following these four steps, your chances of securing the lowest cost auto financing are substantially increased.... more
Home Equity Loan Vs Home Equity Line of Credit - Which...
You can use the equity in your home to obtain a Home Equity Loan (HEL) or a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC).... more
How to Create Order out of Chaos with Your Financial Records
Know which documents you need to keep, for how long and where to keep them.... more
The Future of Online Banking
Online banking has become a way of life for most. If you're still on the outside looking in, let's look at some of the advantages of banking online.... more
Why You Should Monitor Your Credit
We all want better credit scores and lower credit rates. Small business owners are no exception and we've got solid reasons why you should select a credit monitoring company to help.... more
Refinancing Your Mortgage
Refinancing a mortgage is a significant financial event with long-lasting consequences that should be factored into your decision.... more
Planning a Family - What to Save for Right Now
So you've decided to start a family. Great! But, have you started to seriously examine ALL of the financial steps needed to cover the wide range of new expenses? We can help with that.... more
Why You Should Monitor Your Credit
In the age of rampant identity theft and credit fraud, what is your company doing to protect itself? If you've never considered a credit report monitoring service, we have some thoughts on why you should.... more
Planning for the New Normal Retirement
Retirement planning needs to include a thorough assessment of human assets and liabilities along with an assessment of financial assets and liabilities.... more
How You Pay for College Determines How You Save for College
As parents sit down to plan for their children's college education, one of the biggest mistakes they make is how they plan to pay for it. We've got lots for you to consider, including the key component of creating a plan with the greatest amount of flexibility to...... more
The 3 Key Principles of Sound Investing
Sure the stock market has its ups and downs. There are bear and bull markets taking place all the time.... more
The Stages of Retirement Planning
If you're just starting out it's hard to picture your golden retirement years, let alone plan for your retirement income. We have an idea to make it all easier.... more
How to Improve Your Credit Score
Your credit score is one of the most important numbers in your life. Just a few small issues can trigger higher interest rates and all sorts of other financial problems. There are numerous ways to improve your credit score and also some simple tips on how to use...... more
When You Need Tax Help
Wherever you seek guidance for tax preparation or advice, always research the firm or person you are considering.... more
College Funding Sources are Still Plentiful
As soon as your student enters high school, you should begin formulating your college funding plan.... more
How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft
Our identities are under constant assault. There are some key areas of vulnerability that can be protected by taking some simple measures.... more
Three Ways to Lower Your Taxes Right Now
The amount of taxes that you actually have to pay is more within your control than you may think.... more
Know Your Liabilities When Buying Auto Insurance
Most people drastically underestimate their personal liability risks when buying auto insurance.... more
The Secrets to Attaining Your Retirement Dream Early
If you?ve been dreaming of an early retirement, why just dream? There is a simple way to accomplish your dream as a small business owner. It requires planning and re-thinking some of the more traditional ways you may have been running your business.... more
Essential Investment Practices that Work
To become a truly successful investor must accept the need to formulate a long term plan and learn not to over-react top short-term problems... more
The New Rules to Buying Your Dream Home
Are you thinking about buying a new home? It might look like it?s a buyer?s market, but lenders are much pickier about who they will lend to, and at what interest rates. It?s time to get organized long before you go out seeking a mortgage.... more
Five Money Myths We Teach Our Children
As parents, most of us are guilty of giving in to our children more than we probably should. The most critical area involves money, where we often do not teach them the hard realities of finances, There are five money myths children often learn from their parents and...... more
Mobile Banking has Come of Age
Smart Phone Banking and commerce: Is it secure?... more
Saving for Retirement
The good news is Americans are living much longer. The bad news is that many of us don’t have a retirement plan in place to handle our needs for those added years. However, planning now can solve that problem.... more
Finding Happiness in Spite of Money
More money may not be the path to true happiness for all.... more
Insuring for the Underinsured and Uninsured
Read about car insurance and the issues with being uninsured or in an accident with someone who is not insured.... more
Asset Allocation is the Key to Long Term Growth
Learn about asset allocation and how it can help you.... more
Cash is King: 5 Steps to Improve Business Cash Flow
Here are 5 tips to help you improve your cash flow.... more
The Importance of an Investment Philosophy
Learn about the importance of investment.... more
Your Credit Card Balance May be Hurting Your Score
Your credit score could be hurting from the account balance to credit limit ratio.... more
Why a Faster Terminal Can Save You Money
Explore how a faster terminal can save you money.... more
Your Essential Financial Checklist for Starting a Family
Before starting a family, go over this financial checklist to make sure that you are financially stable enough to afford a newborn baby.... more
A Little Knowledge Can Make Your Life Less Taxing
Here are a few important steps anyone can take to get in control of their taxes.... more
Don't Save for College - Make a Plan to Fund It
This generation of parents, who have high hopes of a quality college education for their children, face challenges unlike any faced by generations before them.... more
Refinancing Your Mortgage: It's not just about the rate
These are truly remarkable times in the mortgage industry. Mortgage rates are at their lowest point in more than 50 years presenting homeowners with a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to lock in rates while they're at or near the bottom.... more
High Tech Ways to Best Manage Your Finances
Most of us can remember the days when our parents would sit around the kitchen table with a mountain full of receipts and their checkbook furiously entering and adding numbers and swearing when everything wouldn't balance.... more
Record Keeping in the cloud - is it safe?
As our lives become more intertwined with the Internet it may be only a matter of time before all of our important data is stored in this vast cloud of bits and bytes.... more
Organize Your Saving around Your Goals
One of the bigger challenges for savers is staying motivated which is what feeds the discipline needed for saving.... more
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