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Etsy Has An Appeals Process

Etsy announced on Thursday that it has launched a new Member Appeals program, so that members whose account privileges have been suspended will be able to file an appeal and have their case reviewed.

There’s a contact form on the Help page, and a menu option for Appeals under the “Other” option. With that selected, you can start the process.

Etsy Appeals

“As the Manager of Member Appeals, I’ll be personally evaluating each submitted appeal,”writes Etsy’s Noah Stitelman. “I’ll work cross-functionally with all of the policy enforcement teams at Etsy in order to complete a thorough and independent review of each case, before determining whether to uphold or overturn the suspension of account privileges. This isn’t going to be a process that lets bad actors back into the marketplace. It’s also important to note that I will not be able to overturn legal decisions (for example, copyright infringement). Going forward, I hope that this process makes us even better at our jobs, and I will be working with all the Member Operations teams to improve our systems and reduce errors and mistakes.”

“I am personally excited to take on this challenge, and grateful to be part of a community that values introspection and fairness, even in the hardest of circumstances,” adds Stitelman. “If a well-meaning person has been suspended due to a misunderstanding or an error on our part, we want the ability to make that right. Ultimately, we owe it to our community to take a second look, and to be extra rigorous in the fairness of our decisions. In the months ahead, I’ll be giving regular updates to the community on the nature of the appeals I’m processing, as well as metrics on decisions made, so we can move towards a stronger, fairer marketplace.”

This is only the latest move from the company aimed at better communicating with members. Last week, Etsy announced some changes to its seller guidelines, and followed with that the launch of phone support for urgent matters.

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