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Facebook Cans “Posts By Friends”

Facebook has removed an option on pages that allowed users to filter recent posts to show only the ones made by friends. As of now, the “Posts by friends” filtering option located on the clickdown menu at the top of pages’ Timelines is gone.

Now users can only filter by “Highlights,” “Posts by Page,” or “Posts by Others.” The latter will naturally include posts by friends.

Facebook confirmed to Inside Facebookthat the option was indeed removed:

We continue to improve pages to make them a place for people to learn and interact with different businesses. News Feed is where people can engage we posts and content from their friends and connections. Given that, we removed ‘posts by friends’ on pages. Those posts can still be seen in ‘posts by others.’

Of course, with their updated “new” news feed, Facebook added an option to filter by “All Friends,” removing page posts.

The “Post by Friends” filter was useful at times when filtering out page posts – oftentimes users want to see just what their friends had to say about a restaurant or other business. It’s likely that Facebook simply removed this option because it wasn’t being used or was deemed superfluous. Either way, it’s gone. That means that until Facebook adds posts to the content able to be found using Graph Search, there’s no real way to find out what a friend said about that new local brewery.

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