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Check Out These DoubleClick Features

Google announced that it is launching internal redirects to DoubleClick for Advertisers, custom creatives and mobile data transfer features to DoubleClick for Publishers.

Publishers can use internal redirects when delivering a DFA campaign from DFP, “reducing impression loss, improving ad load times and minimizing the administrative overhead of reconciliation,” Google says.

“Custom creatives are useful for delivering bespoke creatives developed in-house or provided by advertisers, Google says, adding, “You can now include mobile impressions – with mobile targeting information – in your data transfer files.”

Google has also added some features for improving the mobile experience. For example, latitude and longitude data can be provided to DFP for geo-targeting precision. You can target and report on whole categories of devices (like smartphones, tablets or feature phones) at once. Additionally, you can deliver a fullscreen video ad in mobile apps on Android and iOS. The video interstitial type includes the option to auto-close the interstitial after the video has completed.

More on recently added DoubleClick features here.

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